At 1701 Luxury Nougat we believe there is nothing more important than showing someone else what they mean to you; an honest expression of your feelings towards one another. Everything we do, from the way we create our confectionery, through to our packaging and the experience you have when you untie our signature ribbon is inspired by this idea.

Our story

Our dream began with a heartfelt gift in a family kitchen; where a cordon-bleu trained chef shared her special nougat recipe with her son. There are simpler ways to make nougat and easier ways to package it, but our way ensures an indulgent, extraordinary experience every single time. And most importantly, it honours the original gift that inspired our brand.

Our team

We’re a close-knit group of nougat and confectionery enthusiasts. As part of our quest to share the experience of perfect indulgence with the world, we’ve hired some amazing people. We’d like to think the family feeling that started our business now includes everyone working in our kitchen, handling our finances and delivering our products.

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