Kokerboom Kaas is a small boutique cheesery named after the 100 year old Kokerboom that lives in Cheesemaker David Malan’s front garden. This Velddrif based cheesery is a fantastic display of the cheesemaking potential of the region.

Kokerboom Kaas’ mission has been to create a small range of cheeses that one couldn’t get at a local supermarket, whilst adding that local flair. Interestingly, all their cheeses are named after the majestic creatures and flora that live up the west coast.

Specific to their cheesemaking, they use single herd golden Guernsey full-fat milk as well as local west coast Khoisan salt, rich in beta-keratin. Kokerboom cheeses are elegant, excel immensely with age and bring gravitas to any cheese board or harvest table.

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