Ma Mère is a candy-loving confectionary, offering a collection of gourmet and outrageously delicious nougats, fudges, macarons, brittles, marshmallow and Turkish delights.

All Ma Mère’s products are made in the traditional way, in a slow and precise manner, for an authentic tasting product that evokes nostalgia.

They use locally produced ingredients from local suppliers who have ethical and sustainable business practices, one of their business philosophies being to support other small entrepreneurs.

This means that even though our business is constantly expanding we will continue to hand craft all of our sweets, using only the best ingredients, to ensure that the level of confectionery we produce is of the same high standard that we have set for ourselves.

The Ma Mère factory places a large emphasis on staff growth and empowerment. Staff members start at the bottom as unskilled confectioners. Slowly they work their way up through every section in the factory, until they are fully qualified in their position.

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