It’s your birthday and you can enjoy locally produced, artisanal and organic food if you want to, so get your hands on one of our Sol’s birthday hampers today!

If it’s not your birthday, then what better way to get your loved ones thinking you are the best gift-giver in the family than by surprising them with one of our majestic, curated artisanal food birthday hampers.

We boast a selection of convenient, stylishly packaged, culinary gift hampers for both him or her that are immediately useful and delicious, catering to all palates.

Savoury treats, sumptuous sweets, artisanal handcrafted goods, pantry essentials and world-class cheeses are all bundled together to foster a creative culinary experience that’s meant to be shared. Just make sure you’re nearby when they open the gift so that you can share in the joy.

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