With the option of next-day delivery to Cape Town or a conveniently scheduled dropoff when the recipient is on the mend, our gifting hampers are designed to bring joy and a renewed sense of fighting spirit to those who are under the weather.

Being sick isn’t fun, we’ve all been there. All we want in these situations is to go back to basics with the fundamental feelings of warmth, love, comfort and cleanliness. Add in a comfy blanket and some delicious snacks and things are almost back to normal. So how does one do that?

With fresh bread and crackers to ease you back, cheeses, preserves and cold meats to help you regain strength, as well as chocolates, caramels and nougat to bump up your spirits, our specially curated food hampers are perfect as a gift for someone who’s been in the wars.

Don’t forget to include a gift card with your own personalised “get well soon” message.

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