Whether you’re hosting a party and find yourself in a panicked state on the eve of the event, or you need to rustle up a gift for a generous host that has invited you to their lavish shindig, Sol’s will solve your problem in lightning-quick fashion.

With ready to eat, fresh and non-perishable gifting and hosting hampers, you are bound to find a solution to your hosting needs. With the click of a button, you’ll be in a position to set up an Instagram-worthy harvest table, a selection of world-class charcuterie, award-winning cheeses, freshly baked bread and crackers, as well as the most indulgent preserves & pickles in town.

Nobody likes a guest that brings nothing to the party, literally and figuratively speaking. So don’t arrive empty-handed. Our diverse range of chocolates, nougats, caramels, brittles and other confectionery will not only make you the star guest but it will almost certainly secure you an invite for the next event.

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