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Five ideas for a rocking Christmas stocking

Now that online shopping has been embraced into our lives, last-minute Christmas stocking shopping doesn’t need to involve grazed ankles, family feuds and mental breakdowns. Stockings are typically smaller than the presents found under the tree but they can easily become the main event if they’re exciting and delicious enough.

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If you were fortunate enough to wake up with a Christmas stocking at your feet when you were a kid, can you remember that sheer unadulterated joy and excitement that accompanied the weight of what felt like a lifetime supply of sweets and treats? That is the feeling that we need to bottle and recreate every year. Our palates and preferences might change, but joy is an eternal, universal feeling. Here are a few ways to keep on bringing the Christmas stocking joy to Christmas, even if you don’t believe in Christmas or stockings. In June we wrote a comprehensive guide on how to give an awesome gift, so check it out in case you missed out on that.

Last-minute Christmas stocking fillers from Sol’s

Something savoury

The anti-sweet Christmas stocking filler comes in the neat form of antipasti. it’s impossible to predict what they are when wrapped, and they’re a delightful thing to discover if you’re a snack fanatic. Give somebody enough jars of delicious preserves and pickles and they’ll start inviting you over for picnics and lunches in the future. That’s a win-win.

Sol’s Foods antipasti is a picnicker’s dream

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Something sweet

Ask any stocking enthusiast what their abiding memories of Christmas stockings are and those memories will almost always involve sweets, treats and chocolates. The players might have changed somewhat but the game remains the same. One thing which is a guaranteed Christmas stocking winner is our West Side Fynbos honey. It goes on toast, it goes on scones, it goes on toast, it goes on desserts and it goes in your belly. Also, here are ten honey facts to sweeten your day.

Sol’s West Side Honey is flavoured by proteas, wild fig and gousblomme

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A mixed bag

What’s better than a bunch of both sweet and savoury treats? For those with a more balanced palate, the answer is nothing. Afrikoa chocolates, confectionery, Karoo olives and Sol’s antipasti are all pretty as a picture and they taste even better than they look.

Gifts for her
A mixed bag of treats to please a spectrum of preferences

Something indulgent

If you’d like to make a Christmas stocking the main event gift for someone special, a ready-made Christmas gift hamper is the way to go. And you can compound the joy by deconstructing the hamper to transform it into numerous individual wrapped stocking fillers. You know how a poke bowl is just deconstructed sushi? Well, this is exactly the same concept.

Gifts for him
The Gifts for him hamper from Sol’s Foods is basically six stocking gifts in one

If you’ve got a special significant other to please this Christmas, this is quite a novel way to do it and it’s way more fun unwrapping numerous gifts as opposed to one big box that reveals them all at once. The thrills, they’re multiplying.

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Something for you

Yes, in 2021 we’re treating ourselves. And the best way to treat yourself, and keep up the Christmas spirit in the process, is to indulge a few decadent food desires. Morale might well be flagging at the end of what’s felt like a decade-long year. You’re worth it, do it.

Sol’s Foods Something Sweet hamper products alongside cheese

Stock up on stocking fillers online wherever possible and factor in shipping and delivery periods. With same-day or scheduled delivery and in-house wrapping services, we are the home of last-minute Christmas stocking shopping.

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