Whether you’re compiling a gift for a friend throwing a party or you happen to be the one who has the honour, it shouldn’t take long for the penny to drop: Sol’s will help you become the host with the most.

Whether it’s a picnic, shindig or housewarming party, Sol’s cheese board hampers contain products to please all palates, no matter how adventurous. Pair those with salty, savoury snacks from our ethically sourced charcuterie selection and you have formed the basis of any world-class harvest table offering. Our products serve to elevate any host’s repertoire.

Not only that, but we offer a range of products on hand for those looking to gift or eat vegan. Unique antipasti offerings, flavourful preserves, crispy crackers and freshly baked bread bolster your hosting repertoire and help you skirt any tricky dietary requirements that might have been unforeseen.

Either way, our food is meant to be shared and enjoyed in good company. What more could the discerning host want for their guests?

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